Frequently asked questions

What vaccines are required?

DHPP, Rabies, Bordatella. All must be given at least 24 hours prior to visit, administered by a licensed veterinarian.

Do you charge for giving dogs medication?

No! Bring in your pup's medication for their daycare or boarding stay and we will administer it. Ensure that the medication name and dosage instructions are clearly labeled.

What discounts do you offer?

We offer a few discounts. Discounts cannot be used on packages, retail or grooming. - 20% military discount for all daycare & boarding services - 10% discount for Senior dogs (10+) - 10% discount for multiple pets (2+ dogs in one family)

Does my dog need to be spayed/neutered?

No, they do not! However, females cannot come when they are in heat. All unneutered males are taken in an as-is basis. If we notice excessive humping, mood swings, fixation, etc. they could be asked to not return until they are neutered.

Is there a way to watch my dog when they're at daycare?

Yes! Login to your account on Gingr and click the "Photos/Videos" tab. You can watch anytime your dog is checked-in to the facility. The webcams are active during our business hours.

What do I need to bring for boarding?

All you need to bring is your dog's food and if they are on any medications. We have plenty of dog beds, blankets, toys and bowls!

What is the staff like?

We are small-business owners and take pride in that! We are here to treat your dog like it's one of our own. All staff will be trained in Dog CPR and has a dog training certification through Dog Guru. This teaches staff on how to read dog body language and determine the best play groups within the pack! And of course, all staff members must love dogs!

Are there activities?

Your dog will have so much to do while at daycare! Not only do we have plenty of dog ropes, chew toys, and tennis balls; but each day will be filled with a special activity (to include bubbles, playing in water, and so much more!)